How to Create Facebook Accounts

how to create facebook accounts

How to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts?

How to create Facebook Accounts? Do you want to create multiple Facebook Accounts but don’t know how to create them? Facebook is increasing its security system; nowadays, it’s too hard to create multiple accounts on the same desktop. They are getting disabled instantly if you are going to try, no matter if you are going to use different IP, different name, or everything distant. Also, the main thing is that you can’t create Facebook with email. You need to have a phone number to make the accounts. There is only one way to create an account: different computers.

If you want to create 10-15 accounts, you should have 10-15 computers, but how? In that case, you can use user agents, which help you change your PC and browser. You can use an extension in the chrome browser and set different user agents each time. You can get iPhone user agents or any other mobile device user agents, which help you create Facebook Accounts. So you can understand how to create multiple Facebook Accounts.

Also, if you don’t want to create Facebook accounts, you can Buy Facebook Accounts too. There are multiple sellers from where you can get Facebook accounts. They have many kinds of Facebook accounts for sale. You can buy Gmail accounts as they offer you to buy new Gmail accounts and old Gmail accounts.

How to Get Pre-Warmed Facebook Accounts?

There are multiple sellers which you can find on Google. I found, from where you can get Facebook accounts. You can get pre-warmed Facebook accounts and marketplace accounts. You can also buy with the business manager, so a complete solution to buy a Facebook account. You don’t need to buy US phone numbers or proxies as they deliver with phone numbers and proxies. Also, you can buy for one month to 12 months proxy and phone support. So, it’s a complete solution to get the pre-warmed Facebook accounts.

Is it legal to Buy Facebook Accounts?

Yeah, it’s legal to buy Facebook accounts if you are buying for marketing only. Many buyers are buying Facebook accounts for marketing purposes. And also, marketers need Facebook accounts. So they can’t create Facebook accounts. They need pre-warmed Facebook accounts that they can use instantly for marketing.

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