How Can You Buy Facebook Account?

Many people want to Buy a Facebook account. But in Facebook marketing, there are many scammers, and people are worried about Buying Facebook Account after searching over Google. And people are scamming because people can’t report what they are buying. We all know that Buying a Facebook account is illegal, but according to FB marketing, it’s legal. So we can’t report for the sellers. The biggest and most legit Facebook account seller is available to help you.

Many people consider that Buying a Facebook account helps them get a jump in the hugely competitive market of Facebook. Another question comes to your mind: where can I buy ready or real Facebook accounts? Then no need have to worry about it. We're here to provide you with Facebook accounts and help purchase Facebook accounts with actual identity or security.

Before purchasing, know about accounts, how it works and what you will get in the ready accounts that we will deliver for you.

What accounts will I get: Real or Fake?

Now the question is, what kind of Facebook account are we going to deliver, real or fake? Many sellers like Social Accounts, Woorke, Accfarm, and other sellers sell hacked profiles. And we never suggest you buy hacked Facebook profiles as it's completely illegal. We are selling only our own created Facebook accounts, and we create them into different PC with the help of user agents, so they are Prewarmed Facebook accounts. So you can say that they are real Facebook profiles as they manage by a human being. It is very safe for you to manage real Facebook accounts for your business purpose as Facebook always accepts real accounts or identities that we provide for you.

So you don't have to worry about users' FB accounts, which helps you perform your activities because you're a genuine user in the eyes of Facebook. Let's talk about what you'll get when you buy accounts from us.

What You'll Get When You Buy Facebook Account?

Each profile will come with detailed information, mainly with cookies. It means you don't need to log in directly with the user pass. Always login with the cookies to save your account without any issue. A cookie is an option that stores all the Facebook history and your footprint, which we used to farm. So if you will use that for the login, Facebook doesn't detect any illegal activities, and you can save your account from the checkpoint.

Also, you will get the same proxy with your Facebook account, which we used to warm up. And the same user agent on which we will create them. So Facebook can't detect anything unusual, and you can save your account with the checkpoint.

In each profile, you will receive the following things that help save your profile from the checkpoint. And will protect your Business Manager or Marketplace from getting disabled.

  1. Proxy: Generally, people don't know what kind of proxy they want to buy for Facebook. And don't know how to enable proxy into the browser. So we will provide you Facebook Account with a private proxy, so you don't need to Buy. And also, we will give you detailed instructions which help you to enable proxy into your browser.
  2. Phone: Our every profile are phone verified accounts as they also called PVA Facebook account which you can buy from our store. We offer you to buy the package as much month you want me to make it active. And you can renew before it expires. That means you don't need to worry about the phone number, and if there is an issue with the checkpoint, you can ask for the code from us.
  3. User-Agent: When you change your PC location, Facebook detects quickly and disables your ad account or may ask for a phone code. So, you will get the same user agents we used to farm it to avoid the checkpoint.
  4. Cookies: What is a cookie? A cookie is an option that exports your history from the web browser and creates some secret codes. And when you import secret codes into different computers, it will import all the history you got from other browsers. So we will deliver FB cookies that avoid the checkpoint.

What kind of Facebook Account Do you have for sale?

Generally, people Buy Facebook Account for marketing purposes, as many digital marketing companies Buy Verified Facebook Business Manager. So, we have many Facebook Accounts for sale.

1. Buy Old Facebook Account:

These profiles are pretty old, and they all are created by ourselves. And no worries, we are not selling any hacked profiles. These profiles are real-looking Facebook Accounts as they have lots of personal photos, some likes, comments on friends' photos, and lots of friends. So they seem like real and Prewarmed Facebook Accounts as we have the significant infrastructure and four dedicated servers. On which we have created multiple virtual PCs to farm them—these profiles you can buy from our store. You can Buy Old Facebook Accounts as they are available for sale. And these Aged facebook Accounts are valid for ads so that you can Buy Facebook account for ads from our site.

2. Buy Facebook Account with Business Manager or Buy Facebook Ads Accounts:

These profiles are useful for digital marketing agencies as you can Buy Business Manager with multiple ad accounts with no limit. People Buy Facebook accounts with BM to run ads on them. But nowadays, FB is asking for business verification. We have a solution to get a Verified Business manager as we have an option to Buy Verified BM and Buy Verified Facebook Business Manager. If you want to know about verified BM, you can learn How to get a verified business manager. You can also Buy Facebook Ads Accounts to run ads for your services. 

3. Buy Facebook Account With Marketplace:

Firstly you should know about the marketplace, what is the Facebook marketplace and how it works? If you are new and want to make money with Facebook Marketplace Account, you need to learn first. Because if you don't know how to use it, you may disable your account very quickly. People are making money with the marketplace by uploading a different kinds of products. You can't use weight loss products or other types of affiliate marketing products because it's against Facebook terms. If you Buy Facebook account with marketplace, we have a few options. You can Buy Facebook Marketplace Account with SSN, and you can also Buy Shipping Enabled Facebook Accounts which are helpful for dropshipping. 

So above information, we have already described ourselves, and what kind of Facebook accounts are available for sale. We suggest you ask the question first before Buying Facebook Account, and we are always here to assist you well.


May I know the Delivery time?

We deliver orders within 12-15 hours after placing an order with us. So if you are buying Facebook accounts in bulk, it may take time. But our best delivery time is 12-15 hours after getting the payments.

How to select a gender for the Facebook Accounts?

Generally we create Female Accounts, but if you want to Buy Male FB accounts, you can mention them on the checkout page. And we will make sure that you will get male accounts. But for gender, you can mention it on the checkout page, or we can deliver any gender accounts.

What countries accounts do you have, and how to select?

We mostly have US Facebook accounts to Buy, but you need to put them on the checkout page if you want to buy other countries' accounts. Unfortunately, we have only US, UK and Canadian FB accounts.

What country marketplace accounts do you offer to buy?

We have US, UK and Canadian marketplace accounts. And if you want to select the country for the FB marketplace account, you can mention it on the checkout page.

What are cookies, and how to use them?

Our store delivers FB accounts with cookies that help you avoid the checkpoint. In addition, we will deliver the FB account with an instruction file.

What kind of FB accounts do you have, Stolen or Farmed?

We are only selling Farmed Facebook accounts. We don't have any hacked or stolen accounts as they are not useful. So we are offering to Buy farmed Facebook accounts or Buy Pre-Warmed Facebook Accounts.

What is 2FA, and how to use it?

Our accounts are enabled with 2 Factor authentication to make them safe. Furthermore, we will share the instructions file completely to use 2fa codes.

How to renew the phone number and proxy?

We will send you an email before it expires. After that, we will charge $2/both/month.

What payment method do you have to pay for the accounts?

We are accepting payment via BTC or paypal. You can pay via USDT too. They are already enabled on our site. But for Paypal, we are accepting payment via family & Friends only.